If you love decorating with metal accents or wish to add a new texture to your space, you'll love the Aenea Plant Spire. Made of strong, high grade aluminum, Aenea features a unique gold-brass color with a smooth matte finish. Lastly we included a stainless steel top and a choco leather plant tie to create a multi-tone, multi-texture piece for your plant and room.

Aenea - Aluminum Plant Spire

    • 36" height fits most plants. For best appearance allow the Spire to stand taller than the plant.
    • Matte, smooth metal finish and polished stainless steel top reflect light and draws the eye.
    • Over 1/2" thick solid aluminum body ensures visibility from across the room.
    • Pencil-like point makes it easy to insert into dirt 
    • Includes a soft leather plant tie for a unique multi-texture finish.